June 2018

MVTC Named Organization of the Year

WDFW Award.jpg

The Methow Valley Trails Collaborative recently received  Organization of the Year award from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  The Methow Valley Trails Collaborative was honored for leveraging more than 10,000 hours of trail work to maintain more than 1,000 miles of local winter and summer trails.  The award specifically acknowledged the recent efforts to create a sustainable trail system at Lewis Butte/Riser Lake, which was heralded as “a prime example of how recreation and conservation can coexist.”  

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MARCH, 2018

Methow Valley Named Priority Area

The Methow Valley Ranger District was selected by the Department of Agriculture as one of 15 priority areas around the nation.   The designation gives the district additional funding that can be used  for local volunteers and outside organizations to help maintain trails that are withing the district.  “The priority area designation is largely because of the Trails Collaborative’s work and their commitment to being partners with us in trail maintenance,” Liu said. “It a recognition by the Forest Service that trails are an important part of our management and recreation, and given our capacity we need to be developing these types of partnerships … to manage trails networks that meet public needs into the future.”

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