Our Impact

To date, the Methow Trails Collaborative has accomplished the following:

  • Performed 10,000+ of annual trail community service work
  • Maintained 1,000+ of summer trails and 305 miles of winter trails
  • Coordinated the 2017 Burch Mountain "Save A Trail Project"
  • Secured $405,000 of funding for the North Cascades Trailhead Project
  • Successfully advocated for emergency Andrews Creek chainsaw work 
  • 2018 Regional Organization of the Year from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for our collaborative efforts on the Lewis Butte/Riser Lake Project
  • 2018 Lewis Butte Project "Save a Trail Project"
    • Raised $13,389 from over 40 members of the community
    • 220 volunteers
    • 1.89 miles of sustainably built trails